Know It. Share It. Profit.

The Proven System to Turn Your Knowledge Into a Multiple Streams of Income Home Based Business

You will learn how to take your knowledge and package it into products and services that you can then sell for big profits.

Lessons, conducted by a best-selling author and Emmy nominated producer teach you how to build a powerful blue print based on your knowledge and use it to:

  • Write a short credibility boosting book
  • Produce an on-line course to share your knowledge
  • Create the customized marketing material needed to offer coaching and/or consulting services

Video modules, worksheets, downloadable PDF make the learning fun, interactive and easy.

Know It. Share It. Profit. 

is a proven system to create multiple streams of income based on what you already know.

Roz has been a leader in the media industry for more than 30 years. Her training has been in every sector of the field including network television reporting, highly sought after publicist, best-selling author, Emmy nominated TV Producer, Fortune 500 corporate video producer, featured guest on television/radio shows, voice over artist, media trainer, TV host, blogger etc.

Roz spent 20 years in the newsrooms of network and cable television stations as an Anchor, Reporter, Producer and Writer. She is an award winning television personality who gained experience in New York City – the number 1 media market in the world.

As an Author she has written 5 books including the soon to be released “How to Get Press Coverage for Your Business: An Insider’s Complete Guide.”

Considered a global Thought leader, she has been invited to speak at the United Nations, trained executives in Spain, advised business owners in the South of France and consulted with executives in Mexico.

She has long been a catalyst for social change. She serves as the spokesperson for a women’s homeless shelter, sponsors a college scholarship fund for economically challenged youth, advocates for Mothers of color and coordinates hundreds of volunteers to hand deliver meals to senior citizens and the disabled on Thanksgiving.


Join today and get the course and bonuses for just 1 easy payment of  $997! (SAVE 51% off the regular price of $1997)

“People are often surprised to find that their knowledge is valuable. You can make lots of money while enriching someone’s life by simply sharing something that you already know.”

Roz Miller-Choice 


Join today and get the course and bonuses for just 1 easy payment of  $997! (SAVE 51% off the regular price of $1997)

In this PROVEN system, you'll learn:

  • A simple 12 step process to author and publish a status building book 
  • Methods to earn income immediately while working on your book 
  • How to create fast inexpensive marketing materials 
  • Professional tips and techniques to prepare an on-line course 
  • How to package your knowledge into irresistible programs that sell 
  • Techniques to get clients to pursue you seeking your specific talents 

Does this sound like you?

In this course you'll receive:

  • You’ve become the “Go-To” person when people want information on a specific subject fast.
  • Certain things come naturally to you and you do them with ease. 
  • You’ve spent a considerable amount of time learning a subject or field of business.  
  • You have something to share and you want to be compensated for it.  
  • You’ve overcome a major challenge or have an inspiring story to tell.  

If so, then Know It. Share It. Profit. 

is the course for you!


Join today and get the course and bonuses for just 1 easy payment of  $997! (SAVE 51% off the regular price of $1997) 

Meet Roz Miller-Choice


  • Video training modules with easy to follow lessons and instructions
  • Course materials and worksheets
  • Live group calls and replays 
  • Exclusive Book Draft Generator 
  • Guaranteed registration for the Know It. Share It. Profit full day live workshop in New York City
  • A custom video trailer (for the book or course you create)

Let's get over these hurdles...TOGETHER!

Exclusive Book Draft Generator

A Method to quickly and efficiently create the draft of your book fast. Easily avoid staring at a blank page not knowing what to write.

Value - $450

Public Relationships Course

A self-guided online course designed specifically for small business owners who lack the budget to hire pricey public relation firms. In this on-line course they will learn the 7 proven steps to turning a press release into free publicity. Among the course curriculum is information on understanding what the media considers newsworthy, how to properly write a press release, building a press list and so much more.

Value - $297

Full Day Live Workshop

Receive a ticket to a live workshop with Roz Miller-Choice, in New York City. Participate in live coaching and see the Know It. Share It. Profit model in action.

Value – $495

Book or Course Trailer

An award-winning production team will custom produce your video commercial, highlighting the benefits of your book or on-line course.

Value - $297


Roz, “I want to do this but the timing isn’t right, right now.”

I understand. We are all really busy but how many of those things that we are “busy” doing are earning us extra money? What would it mean to you a year from now if schedule a little time in your day to do something for yourself that could change your life? Imagine having a book, a course or a consulting business in 90 days from now that you can point to and say “that is what I accomplished!!!”

Roz , “ I don’t have the money to invest.”

Granted this program isn’t free but it is worth every penny at the full price and I am willing to discount it for you (for a limited time). You can choose to pay via the installments, learn the system and recoup your investment quickly and have a system that can continue to make you money over and over again. You will probably be the one who sends me a testimonial of how fantastic the Know It, Share It, Profit system is working in your life. 

Roz, “If I am honest with myself, I don’t trust myself to do the work”

You are not alone. Lots of people fear this. That is why we have incorporated live group training calls into the program. On these calls you will be walked through vital parts of the system, have a question and answer session and have fellow students working together to accomplish the mission. We will be there to support you.

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